DRY is a highly versatile chair designed for several segments of the contract market. It is light and stackable, comes with or without armrests, and is ideal for almost all situations where large numbers of people have to be seated.

DRY’s shell is molded from PUR rubber with an in-molded steel structure. When not in use, the rubber lies straight and flat, but when occupied it adapts to the shape of human body. Thanks to the elasticity of PUR and an intelligent in-molded spring construction, DRY provides maximum comfort by both taking the body’s shape and supporting it where needed. Stand up, and the material reverts to its initial state - plain and simple…

Minimalistic in its expression, DRY is a “silent” chair that fits into its architectural surroundings without disturbing them and without calling attention to itself.
In spite of DRY’s modest idiom, its extremely thin “folded” plane shell with its endo-skeleton clearly visible from the rear, gives it both a clear identity and adds a futuristic touch.
The built-in linking device means that rows of seating in halls or auditoriums can be rapidly assembled and disassembled. Both versions of DRY (with and without armrests) stack easily and noiselessly - 15 chairs can be stacked on the floor or 30 on the trolley without exceeding standard door-height. The 100% PUR skin ensures chairs are not scratched while stacking and don’t slide apart when a stack is moved on the trolley.
The softness of the PUR seat also means they can be upturned scratch-free on table tops during cleaning. DRY chairs with armrests can also be hung scratch-free from the table.