ELYSION is renowned as the Greek equivalent for paradise, a place where chosen individuals deserving of everlasting life spend their time in peace and harmony.
ELYSION by Poul Christiansen are made to instil a certain calmness and peace of mind. The sculptural forms bring comfort to the eyes while encouraging thew sensations of an unwinding that welcomes a soothing meditative relaxation.

These sculptures exude LE KLINT's proud integrated traditions of design and skilled craftsmanship.

In 1967 Poul Christiansen introduced a whole new Scandinavian twist to origami. He showed LE KLINT that it was possible to fold after mathematical cine curves along side the traditional straight lines.

The well known "sinus" line series was developed from 1967 - 78 and has been one of the cornerstones in LE KLINT's production since. This folding technique has evolved and is the foundation for ELYSION by LE KLINT.