KOMPLOT DESIGN represented Denmark at the International Design Biennale in St. Ettienne, France. 
Espace Vital, a red wooden framework creating a symbolic living space of 5m x 6m x 3m, centred around NON tables and NON chairs with a huge folded SINUS-Globe pendant lamp hanging over them.

In each corner a different version of the new easy chair concept Bound-Un-Bound is shown, including the sleeping couch - mattress from each the others are made - soft leather covered mattress body, roped into the shape of a chair...

Thanks to: Danmarks Nationalbanks Jubilæumsfond, Statens Kunstfond, Grosserer L.F.Foghts Fond, Træfonden, National Workshops for Arts and Crafts, Källemo AB, Elmo AB, Le Klint, Pascale Cottard-Olsson, Felix Voss, Erik Lundh